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50% - I am working on a translation, but accept new translation jobs
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veterinary medicine, literature, politics, general, law, pszichológia, health & medicine, trade & commerce, sports, electronics, culture, accounting, food & beverages, proof-reading, building & construction, marketing & sales, telecommunications, economics, media, environment, mechanical engineering, agriculture, science, pharmaceutical, engineering, business, authentication, botany, chemistry, official documents, education, electricity, tourism, tendering, music, information technology, finance
Traduzione e interpretariato dall'italiano all'ungherese e viceversa. Sono abilitato presso il Consolato dell'Ambasciata d'Italia di Budapest a fare traduzioni autenticate.
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Camera di Commercio Italiana per l'Ungheria, Ambasciata d'Italia, Istituto per il Commercio Estero, numerose PMI, multinazionali, studi professionali, avvocati, commercialisti, enti locali e governativi, agenzie di traduzione, associazioni, emittenti televisive, privati...
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memoQ (medium level)
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MSc / MA / MBA olasz nyelv és irodalom szakos középiskolai tanár ELTE, Budapest 10 félév 1997
@@@Education_exam@@@ olasz-magyar, magyar-olasz tolmács ELTE, Fordító- és Tolmácsképző Csoport vizsga 2001
@@@Education_exam@@@ olasz-magyar, magyar-olasz gazdasági szakfordító ELTE, Fordító- és Tolmácsképző Központ vizsga 2004
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Kunhalom u. 28., 1046 Budapest
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