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25% - I am busy, but accept small translation jobs
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Hungarian, English, Turkish
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veterinary medicine, literature, general, health & medicine, trade & commerce, culture, food & beverages, proof-reading, building & construction, marketing & sales, media, environment, mechanical engineering, agriculture, science, pharmaceutical, engineering, business, botany, official documents, education, electricity, tourism, tendering, information technology, finance
24th January 2011 - now: freelance translator and interpreter in Turkish, English and Hungarian
Experience in the following fields:
• Interpreting and translating in immigration, sales and claim law cases from Hungarian to Turkish
• Translating documents for science, engineering, medical projects from Turkish to Hungarian, and from Hungarian to Turkish.
• Translating websites and broschures from Hungarian to Turkish
• Giving Turkish lessons to Hungarian students.
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Knauf Insulation Ltd.
Budapest Waterworks Co. Ltd.
Hungarian Water Cluster Ltd.
Geometria Ltd.
Organica Ltd.
WeldTeco Ltd.
Hungarian Detective Association
Turkish Private Detectives association
Babel Ltd.
Gerard Roofing Systems
Villám Translation Services
AQUA93 Translation Services
MLS translation Services
Eger City Immigration Service
Hun Education Ltd.
Afford Translations and Interpreting Ltd.
CET Translations Ltd.
EDMF Language Services Ltd.
Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA)
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MSc / MA / MBA biológus ELTE TTK 2000 2005
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