Tibor Nagy

freelance translator
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100% - I am free to accept new translation jobs
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2005.02.22. (6081 day(s) from registration)
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Hungarian, German
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software localization, information technology, engineering, electronics, food & beverages, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electricity
In the above-mentioned fields, translation of technical themes - as operating manuals, handbooks, catalogues, professional articles - further translation of economic themes joined with technical fields - as contracts - from foreign languages into Hungarian, with skill of technical translation obtained in the course of translations of technical themes, with professional experiences obtained in industrial fields, as well as with more diplomas in engineering.
At the request of my customers, web works possibly going along with translations, as works of picture titling, picture editing. Translation of websites presenting activities and products of firms, as well as translation of websites of private persons.
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Star Transit (basic level), Across (basic level)
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