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literature, politics, general, pszichológia, health & medicine, trade & commerce, sports, electronics, culture, food & beverages, building & construction, telecommunications, economics, media, environment, mechanical engineering, agriculture, science, pharmaceutical, engineering, botany, education, electricity, tourism, tendering, music, information technology, fine art, art and crafts, arts
Hungarian -English and English - Hungarian translation in writing.
Topics and fields:
Social sciences /Sociology, Etnography, Antropology, etc./, Psychology, Pedagogy-Education, Arts /Literature, History-Archeology etc./ Politics, Jobs/works, Art, Tourism, Technology /manuals, etc./, Economics-Commerce, Industry, Healthcare, Sports, Agriculture, Building industry, Formal or informal corresponding...etc.
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MSc / MA / MBA Angoltanár SZegedi Tudományegyetem 6 szemeszter 2012
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