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100% - I am free to accept new translation jobs
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2019.05.08. (732 day(s) from registration)
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Hungarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English
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tourism, official documents, marketing & sales, proof-reading, culture, trade & commerce, general, tourism, marketing, commerce
Translating from English, Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian language into Hungarian.
Main areas of expertise: tourism, marketing, commerce and general
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Professional data
Traducta Translation Agency (Croatia)
Translating of a part of a construction company's website from Croatian into
Hungarian language - 3000 words.
Translating of tourist brochures, menu and other tourist documents from Croatian
into Hungarian language

Stentor d.o.o. (Croatia)
Translating of application for turists from Croatian into Hungarian language -
destinations, sights, local traditions, gastronomy, description of services, history -
26.000 words
Translating of company internal newsletters, brochures, press releases from
Croatian into Hungarian language

Corpus Communications Kft. (Hungary)
Translating of energy related agreements and official documents from Croatian into
Hungarian language - 34.000 words

Lexiqa Limited (LexiQA) (United Kingdom)
Collaboration in creation and development of a QA software

Educomm Bt. (Hungary)
Translating of term and conditions and official documents from Croatian into
Hungarian language - 15.000 words

Integra d.o.o. (Croatia)
Translating of terminology of product from English and Croatian into
Hungarian language

Orient Navigátor Translation Agency (Hungary)
Translating of official document from Serbian into Hungarian language

BigSale Online Kft.
Translating of IT related texts, user manuals and product descriptions from English into Hungarian language
CAT software level
memoQ (medium level), SmartCat
Type of educations Title of degree Name of institution Length of training Date of graduation
Course Utazásügyintéző META Szakközépiskola 2 félév 2013
BSc / BA Szlavisztika - horvát szakirány ELTE-BTK 4 év 2012
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