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75% - I have assignments, but will give priority to new translation jobs
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Hungarian, English, French
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finance, music, tendering, tourism, education, botany, business, science, agriculture, environment, media, economics, marketing & sales, building & construction, proof-reading, food & beverages, culture, sports, trade & commerce, health & medicine, pszichológia, law, general, politics, literature, dance
conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting, remote interpreting, translation (technical texts and audiovisual materials), language teaching
Experience in translating (more than 5 years)
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Professional data
Teaching experience
- Eötvös Loránd University: teaching consecutive interpreting EN-HU, HU-EN and simultaneous interpreting at mock conferences since 2020

Conference interpreter references
- Bleu Blanc Coeur presentation conference (online, 2021)
- 70th anniversary of the Council of Europe
(European Youth Centre, Budapest, 2019)
- ENSIE - European Seminar, exchange of good practices
(labour market integration of disadvantaged groups, Representation of the European Union in Budapest 2019, online 2020)
- EJHA - Amnesty II. National Human Rights Education Conference
(European Youth Centre, Budapest, 2019)
- Model European Union
(French National Assembly, Paris, 2019)
- BOND rural development conference
(Córdoba, Spain, 2018)
- Budapest Pride opening ceremony
(Budapest, 2018)
- Model European Union
(European Parliament, Strasbourg, 2018)

Remote interpreting
Experience with KUDO and Zoom platforms
Liaison and consecutive interpreting
- business trip to Hong Kong
- study trip to France
- business trainings and meetings
- press conferences, interviews
- guardianship authority hearings
- civil weddings

Scientific translation
- contracts
- real estate ads
- official letters
- websites
- guardianship authority documents
- special education case study
- sport brochures and exhibition
- book about manufacturing of porcelain dolls

Translating transcripts of documentaries for voice-over, cartoons
and series for dubbing. (Masterfilm Digital, Mikroszinkron, SDI, DIGI)
Type of educations Title of degree Name of institution Length of training Date of graduation
BSc / BA Angol-francia alapszak Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem 3 év 2013
MSc / MA / MBA Fordító és tolmács (tolmács szakirány) Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem 2 év 2015
Course Szinkrondramaturg Hungarovox Stúdió fél év 2014
Specialised training Európai uniós konfenciatolmács Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem 1 év 2018
@@@Education_other@@@ Kertépítő-és fenntartó Best-Work Oktató és Szolgáltató Kft és Soroksári Botanikus Kert fél év 2021
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